I will write my feelings and review in English because it is easiest for me! I was lucky enough to choose BeatBand for my wedding this past May.

My husband an I were looking for something intimate and unique but we are both very serious about our music and our dancing. From the first meeting with Shani, even seriously pregnant she made us feel warm and welcome! Her smile, her interest in us in particular and her amazing ability to make the entire process enjoyable (unlike the way some of the other parts of wedding planning could be!) Personally Sunny and Shani became our friends more than anything and didn't let us down for a second!

Let me tell you! we were worried that a band setting might be too relaxed and people won't dance!?

BOY WERE WE WRONG! everyone had the best time of their lives! smiling and really enjoying the music in a way that a DJ could never accomplish both young and old guests equally enjoyed the Dance floor thanks to BeatBand. Everyone should have BeatBand at their event for the best event ever.

My only WARNING is:you will love them so much you will be so sad when it is over!